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translateInnumerable paltry transactions precede Unnoticed, triggering an extensive complex chain of events, creating an alternate future than would otherwise exist. The beginning of every trend starts with a paltry usually unnoticed transaction. Every transaction begins with a single thought. Every trend begins with one paltry minor yet profound epiphany or achromatic observation. Paltry intellectual gains often lead to tycoon class profits. Every major bull market trend and even world changing revolution begins with merely a single thought. When the thought is translated into financial strategy that is implemented properly and in wise and good taste, then the leadership goes unnoticed, samples of profits quietly & privately enjoyed, and the remainder reinvested, life improved for all and this is part of the global capital ideal. Happiness is increased for all and a more intellectually stimulating and enjoyable forms of happiness are created. The trend always begins with a few fragments of thought and ends with a flooded market with delighted customers. The study of the earliest beginnings of this trend is an easy means to tycoon profits on a routine basis.

for example:

one of our newer and most experienced members has rightfully observed the earliest stirrings of a newer thought at the beginning of an intellectual trend that is unnoticed by all except those who recognize the earliest stage of covert market influence occurring.

ECRY eCrypt Technologies Inc. (OBB)

All of the market includes all of society. Every individual from the cradle to the grave makes a long string of choices. Every choice draws a different future than would otherwise exist. Each individual has the ability to control his or her own future, but, only by knowing how, this leads to strategy.

the future for this firm is expected to be worthy of your attention as ours. strategically, it’s a good choice. notice that it fits the profile listed in the post entitled strategy II.

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