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The word tycoon started as a Japanese word (大君) meaning “someone who places himself into a position of great importance.” Many people are unlucky enough not to have been born into significant wealth. Individual accomplishment is the quickest and surest key to success. This leads to a basic question: what is the principal career strategy? Over time, we have documented events of colossal failure and dreamy way over the top quick success. Often it takes money to get money, leading to the conclusion of the classic catch 22. The earliest beginning is study, then work. The vast majority of the most ambitious people rationally chooses the worst strategies of ambition and ponders the basic question of why success is so extremely elusive. Civilian success is often the most delicate much like a house of cards. Military success is more substantial, reliable and sabotage proof. Watching and learning from veterans over time is therefore a major key to understanding the best strategies of success. After documenting the successes and failures of over 300,000 veterans, patterns of cause and effect of success and failure begin to emerge. Some flounder and languish at the bottom of the economic pyramid while others go directly from the bottom to the top. When you enjoy the wonder of watching a redneck in a trailer park be hired and move up the corporate ladder to being a regional manager within 3 years then you know what to study. So, what is the difference that makes all the difference? A more detailed study indicates common factors to success and common factors to failure. First, a study of failure.

The majority of the populace would rather do ANYTHING except to think for themselves because they are deeply afraid of facing the responsibility of thought. This includes more than a few war heroes also. These people are typically called “grunts.” Contrary to popular rumor, there is nothing wrong with being a grunt. The grunts are the ones who actually get the job done. Without them, efficiency would at the least be greatly decreased or at the greatest be impossible.

Then there are the others, the most ambitious soldiers are sent to officer training academy where they learn many great things, but the greatest is LEADERSHIP! This unique ambition is the core of the tycoon spirit. After learning the principles of leadership and getting a little practice, they start rising to the top of command REALLY quickly. When they become veterans, they repeat the cycle again. This is the source of the modern tycoon heritage; therefore, here are some recommended principles of leadership:

  1. Be technically and tactically proficient and innovative
  2. Know yourself and seek self improvement
  3. Know the desires of your following and lookout for their wellbeing
  4. Make your followers aware of all risks and dangers
  5. Lead by setting the example
  6. Ensure that the goal is understood, supervised and accomplished
  7. Train your followers as a team
  8. Make sound and timely decisions

Rapidly calculate all factors and make a sound decision based on the calculations. There is no room for reluctance to make a decision. Never second-guess yourself. Every decision is absolute, final, and permanent.

  1. Develop a sense of responsibility in your followers
  2. Employ your following in accordance with its capabilities
  3. Seek responsibility and remain hidden or unnoticed

Contrary to popular rumor, leading is a fun thing to do. Here is why:

  1. You can change your environment to suit your taste
  2. You can enforce your own style of morality
  3. You set the trend
  4. You have the freedom to travel, study and be left alone
  5. You can focus your attention uninterrupted
  6. You have the most luxury and the biggest pay on your terms
  7. You can leave your mark

Improve the world in your own unique way and enjoy doing so. This should give you some pocket change to invest.
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  1. You really make it seem so easy with your presentation but I find this topic to be really something that I think I would never understand. It seems too complicated and very broad for me. I’m looking forward for your next post, I’ll try to get the hang of it!