Secret Ambition

As many like to say, “learn more to earn more,” this essentially is the hallmark of ambition. Ambition is not merely the desire to gain material goods or luxury; it is fundamentally a desire of self-improvement. Ambitious people want to be paid to measure the skill development as a measurement of valuable service to others, or as the Donaldlikes to call it “keeping score.” Keeping score is necessary as a means to guide and invest in improvement. What too many ambitious people do not understand is money is dependant of the human aspect of value. To clarify, money is only really valuable to those who are happy to earn it.

Ambition requires honesty. Ambitious people carefully well contemplate the best strategies in the most thoughtful ways. Ambition is necessary to all life. It is the most essential building block to life. Nothing is quite as honest as pure ambition.

“Without wisdom all the riches in the world leave us poor tonight and strength is not without humility. Is weakness an untreatable disease? And war is always the choice of the chosen who will not have to fight” –WolfgangMozart

“There never has been and never shall be any significant or lasting degree of prosperity without putting education first.” –Thomas Jefferson

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