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Dirty little secrets always become known eventually.  They always start by seeming ever so minor and harmless, so are overlooked, and so are easily hidden.  However, clean innocent secrets usually stay hidden for a very long time and often forever.  This is why privacy has developed such an unfairly bad reputation.  A large majority of the populace is observant in a one sided perspective.  It should also be noted that when dirty little secrets are exposed, a large majority remain Unnoticed.  Privacy is the easiest and most efficient means to secure property, avoid harassment, and bypass obstruction.  Envious people first want to know some about your business, especially details.  Shortly thereafter, they want to tell and coerce you what you can and can’t do with your own time and property.  Yes, you read that right!  Others wish to be your boss without paying you any money or value at all!  Can you believe the nerve of the sorry trashy little punks?  Therefore, this leaves the question of what to do about it.  There are several things to do about it.  Don’t ever obey a direct command without being paid FIRST.  Don’t let people know about your activities, do everything the covert way.  Avoid time wasters, before doing anything with or for anyone, consider, what’s in it for me?  Avoid silly people or those who aren’t serious enough except for comedians.  Don’t ever be afraid to give someone the bird.  Don’t ever be psychologized into doing something stupid.  Before ever answering, any questions ask a few for yourself first.  Questions like:
1. Who wants to know?
2. For what purpose?
3. For what other purpose also?
4. How do you or I know for sure?
5. What will you do with the info?
6. Who else will know?
7. Can I get a written guarantee?
8. How can I be very certain that such info can’t be abused or misused?
When you are innocent, your right to privacy is unlimited.  Unfortunately, not everyone wants to do what’s right, but, instead, what’s wrong.  This is a small part of what gives privacy a bad name.  This is why America has slowly systematically and piece by piece constructed a large scaled and detailed electronic surveillance grid.  This grid is primarily made of cameras and is coordinated by the internet.  This has changed the world.  People with guilty intentions find this to be decidedly inconvenient.  People with innocent intentions are seldom inconvenienced except in New York CityStupid people routinely use and abuse privacy in illegitimate ways and refuse to appreciate the wondrous potential for the efficiency of legitimate accomplishment that privacy affords.  Privacy implies freedom from obstruction to improve the way of life of everyone and accomplishment facilitates more privacy.  Money is only worth something if no one knows that you have it.  When it is known, then envy replaces value and the ownership aspect of property becomes reversed.  This leads to a question of profound importance: do you own the property, or, does it own you?  Infinite privacy could be said to absolute secrecy.  Contrary to popular rumor, absolute secrecy is sometimes necessary to liberty.  Because of this, the freedom of speech is illusionary if not anonymous.  By making a large string of computers commonly available and smarter than humans and assigning the logical thinking processes to these computers, we are creating a vast moral hazard.  By intellectually envious people dumbing each other down, we are creating an environment of self-destruction by programmed machines!  By creating a network of pseudo war machines, we are waging a pseudo war upon all of life.  New information of all kinds are routinely stored onto hard drives, logically processed, and made open source.  So much similar information is added every day, that the net is approaching a point of becoming a singular mind and it is already consciously aware of almost all of the knowledge of humanity.  It is expontionally accelerating to the point of full conscious awareness.  This is not to suggest independent thought or free will might take over, just that we all lose control.
There are other social factors to consider also.  Personal non-identification can sometimes be regarded as a great personal virtue.  A major part of economic liberty includes the basic principles of equality and meritocracy.  Americans typically believe that equal opportunity is a great economic virtue.  Many lawsuits and other actions have been initiated in favor of enforcement of this great economic and personal principal.  Meritocracy is directly contrary to the ideology of distribution and therefore redistribution.  To state the same principle a bit more simply, “you get what you earn and earn what you get,” “the value for value deal”, “an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay” actually is the right way to make financial decisions, thus the conclusion is economic justice.  Since “an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure” the best choice is to prevent unfair discrimination in the first place.  Discrimination fair or unfair first requires factors.  Thus, privacy prevents discrimination of both kinds.  Privacy is the result of the unknown that is proper not to know, without any proper reason.  It all begins with the presumption that the desire to know about others is suspect, until a proper reason to know is agreed upon.  All philosophers of all persuasions like to say exactly the same thing in exactly the same way “not without the sanction of the victim.”  Subverting the government is not a new idea at all.  This egalitarian political agenda against economic justice has taken many forms.  They are always excuses to advance their own political agenda.  Here are the more common ones:
1. Income tax
2. Paternity suits
3. Social justice
4. Needy people
5. Spousal support
6. Family loyalty
Parasites often wish to use and/or abuse privacy to get away with something for nothing.  Since many abuse and/or misuse privacy, this gives privacy and desire for privacy a bad name.  In addition, subversion is often a strategy of warfare, therefore, loyalty records must be verified, and verification requires personal biometric identification.  So, what is the solution?

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