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Preceding every course of actions is a long chain of thoughts. When massive waves of envy erupt, there are large strings of underlying factors preceding the string of events. This leads to one very basic and big question: what motivates people?

Investigation into this question reveals some shocking aspects of the worst of human nature. Since all people are a little different, this post will focus on the most common factors of the noticeable majority. Over 90% of the population has far too much in common, especially concerning beliefs about money. Here is some of what we have noticed:

  1. Most people look forward to theft instead of work
  2. Theft is more appealing than honesty
  3. What fills the hearts and minds of the people is not greed, but envy.

This leads to a more detailed explanation of what we have noticed from our observations. Most of the economy and human life operates according to daily routines and thoughts. Routinely people wake up with some coffee and go to work, go shopping, go home, go to sleep and start the routine again. While they are doing this though, they want to do something else. People often go to work to get their own needs comfortably met. After this point, the envy begins. They want to stifle each other’s progress. They want to steal from someone else. Since, theft is consumptive and not productive, its cost prohibitive and so, is unsustainable. The popularity of theft stems from three basic desires.

  1. The desire to deprive others of their property.
  2. The desire to be lazy, aka, the free ride.
  3. Most of all, a profound and deep hatred of financial justice.

This is the cause of waves of envy, often, to such an extreme, that a lemming effect occurs. This is one of the reasons why dishonesty is self-destructive. These events are a series of routine events that many people notice yet, seldom mention. When envy is politically expressed, the result is legalized theft. Currently legalized theft is so extremely common and popular that many experts refer to this time as the age of the Kleptocracy and they are right. Kleptomaniacs always like to say that watermelon always tastes better when stolen; therefore, we believe that coffee always tastes better when earned honestly. When eventually these people suffer hard enough and long enough, then they cave in to desperation and by doing so, release the economy from envy, then ambitious people begin, starting a progressive event chain. The majority will have to suffer through the downturn and the cycle begins again. Obummernonics is a perfect example; this is why a constitutional amendment should be added separating economy and state. Interesting to note that a separation of mosque and state may be explicitly necessary in the near future also. So, what have you done to prevent theft and/or secure the property of yourself and/or others today?
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