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All of the market includes all of society. Every individual from the cradle to the grave makes a long string of choices. Every choice draws a different future than would otherwise exist. Each individual has the ability to control his or her own future, but, only by knowing how, this leads to strategy.

There are almost an infinite number of ways. The only limit is the imagination. This is one favorite strategy:

1.Understand the market

1.1. The market is a chain reaction of events, so, what happens next? Watching, listening, observation, anticipation is the key to understanding.

1.2. Study until you know the forbidden truth. The truth is never what you want it to be. Just when you think, you know the whole truth, this is when you are the most deceived.

2.Draw the lines of logic

2.1. Study philosophy, logic, competition, engineering, science, literature. Know more than most professors about these fields of study and then maybe, you will stand a chance. This is the key to understanding the parameters and premises to draw the lines.

3.Tip the influence.

3.1. Location is the first key. Locate the mind at the location of the tipping point. Study the mind; focus on its intentions. Notice what it has in common with your largest goals.

3.2. Verify all factors. Consider Murphy’s Law, Custom Taylor the message. Openly yet discreetly, communicate the message exclusively to the target mind, disguised as mass media. Even a small brief subliminal message can have a profound impact.

3.3. Take the principles of leadership and the general economic principal of the value for value deal into account and benefit the target mind.

4.Watch the chain reaction.

4.1. When the future develops in a way that is favorable to your position, run for cover, hideout, and here comes the envy. Always influence people in ways that is beneficial to their own interest, never against. If you do it right, then after you receive your windfall profit, the market, aka. “We the people” shall gratefully and graciously thank you from a distance and reinforce your covert status from envy.

5.Beware of covert market influences. While you are influencing the market, others are also. Knowing that knowledge facilitates the freedom of choice, do you know what you need to know to truly exercise free will? You believe you have the freedom of choice. How free are you really? None are ever so hopelessly enslaved as those who believe themselves to be free.


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