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Perhaps one of the greatest reasons for the existence of ambition is the accomplishment of the greatest of all financial success. For a few people, the goal is to rise from the bottom of the economic pyramid to the closest to the top as possible as quickly, efficiently as possible while remaining unnoticed. The intellectual and material progress of humanity should not occur in baby steps, but in great leaps and strides. Progress should happen at blinding breakneck speed. The pursuit of happiness is an adventure unto itself. Equity is not worth anymore than the happiness that it can buy. This is why nihilist will always want to harass ambitious people and consequently why the pursuit of happiness is of such great importance to the American people. Out of all possible ways and means to the enjoyment of equity the greatest is the enjoyment of watching the happiness of future generations. This is perhaps one of the finest points of salubrious living. WalterDisneyunderstood this and you should also. Success should not be enjoyed in a bright, flashy or flamboyant way, but, in a very discreet, or even covert, unenviable way. One of the greatest mistakes often made, is that some people get a few bucks ahead and then have no idea of how to enjoy it. The vast bulk of profit should be reinvested and only a small portion spent on luxury and in a covert way. Ideally, no one should know of your property or happiness except you. This should be almost the opposite of bragging or showing off, however, indulging in the connoisseurs or aficionados choice is quite wise. This may or may not mean resorting to spy techniques, but it does mean making at least some effort to avoid attention. Money does not buy class, but it does make an opportunity to show class by not showing anything at all. Perhaps one of the greatest forms of enjoyment is to take the grandchildren shopping. Ever see a depressed child taken to a large candy store with an unlimited budget? The point of the accumulation of excessive equity is the creation and proliferation of happiness, not, to rub salt into a gaping open wound by reminding others of their lack of ambition and/or failures. Privately though, it’s necessary once in a while to show what the greatest products are and the most proper and optimum means of enjoyment of the finest choices are as a means of passing the torch on and a means of inspiration to the younger generation. The youngsters need to see what is possible, that their own dreams actually can come true. Contrary to popular rumor, a material sharing of the enjoyment of the successful development of equity actually of a fantastic means of the expression of love. Perhaps among the greatest example is that ofSirDavidKoch. As an anonymous dowager has said, “live the life you love.”
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