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We shall begin by assuming that you have access to most of the net and therefore are able to reference the mathematical basis of our universe and furthermore the mathematical basis for the existence of all reality. Because of this presumption, we shall skip many physics theses.

Almost From the beginning of life, the chief method of acquisition has been conquest. Because of the evolution of property, trade allows for a greater degree of prosperity. There are huge varieties of markets available and they are all interconnected.

Everywhere you go, there you are, and you cannot ever escape from yourself. The desire to perpetuate your own existence is the beginning of ambition. Whatever you experience, you learn from, and all that you learn becomes part of your personal truth. Your truth will always be a part of you. Your truth will always live inside of you forever. Even after you die from old age, your truth will live on forever. Your knowledge is uniquely yours to use to your own advantage. How you interact with your environment is a result of your strategy of ambition and therefore, acquisition. This is why you are what you living and read; therefore, you control your own future by selectively investing in the most efficient knowledge for the mutual and safe benefit of all humanity, but most especially yourself. This is one of the very many reasons why integrity is so very important. If you ever make any mistakes at all then, even after the mistakes are corrected, you are stuck with those mistakes inside of you forever.

Time is not static; therefore, life is a process. The continuance of life shall guarantee an abundance of competition for life on söl3. This is why competition is the way of the future. There are two basic limits to the strategies of competition;

  1. The principles of physical reality
  2. Individual imagination

Aside from these limits, there are none.

The longer that competition happens, the more efficient the process of life and competition becomes. This predatory strategy of competition ushered in a new age of competition, the exponential increase of learning and therefore intelligence. The exponential growth of intelligence led in turn to the exponential growth of learning. The exponential growth of learning led to the exponential growth of intelligence. For this reason, the growth of intelligence and learning have continually increased on an exponential on top of exponential rate and continues to do so. Long ago, this observation led to the story of the “fire of Prometheus.”

Ever since this self-observation, many have tried to extinguish the fire and none ever before has succeeded. This continuum of life is very much older than anyone ever suspects.

The perfection of ambition from envy and nihilism shall be the result and is still very far away. Many have imagined the perfection of ambition and thus falsely labeled this ideal of perfection as “capitalism.” Using knowledge in the most advantageous way is a great means to capitalize from the surrounding environment. When you utilize proprietary knowledge, you are capitalizing on the lack of knowledge of others also and while this is happening, others are using your lack of knowledge against you for their own benefit. Whenever a small transaction occurs in any market, others are influenced. Because of the butterfly effect, the influence can send ripples through the markets, redrawing the future. This is not to suggest that a dowager withdrawing one penny more than expected might make a large difference, but, still a noticeable one. All customers are treasured as a great source of precious life perpetuating platinum. To understand what covert market influences are, it is first necessary to fathom all of the nature of what markets are and how they truly work. A few brokers have a slight inkling of how they work but all of the economists explain it very poorly. Since others seek to capitalize on your lack of knowledge, they have a stake in diverting your attention away from the truth and furthermore to misinform you. This has been one of the worst aspects of negative competition for a long time. The dishonesty that this has led to is astounding. Competitors are often behaving dishonestly by pretending that you are a mushroom and treating you accordingly. Spreading misinformation is one of the very many ways that sharp market elitists corner various markets and stifle competition in favor of monopoly econometric business models. Without full disclosure, you cannot be free to exercise the freedom of choice in various markets. None are so hopelessly enslaved as those who believe themselves to be free. This insidious misinformation is one of the many subtle ways that market investors are enslaved. So, just how free are you exactly?

Noticing improper aspects of reality and utilizing the villainous intentions and actions of nihilists are an excellent means to correct the injustices of the world and close out some 100-baggers almost every year. Utilizing exclusive knowledge is also capitalizing on the ignorance of others, thus the theoretical basis for the concept of covert market influence.

Envious people always account for the bulk of the drag co-efficient against all forms of progress. Envious people always want to mess up a good thing and that is where the covert concept begins. Envious people are harmless when oblivious. The market is usually composed of trashy people who want to renig on deals. A deal is a deal, until you make a profit! Then the envy begins. All of this is even truer when you start to enjoy a little bit of the profit. Covert enjoyment is a great way of life.

Something of great significance to be wary of is dangerous economic trending. The two most dangerous economic trends are envy and aristocracy. Envy is a function of insanity and therefore is unlikely to ever be fully understood, however envy appears to be a form of hatred of ambitious people for being ambitious. Whenever people have a significant amount, more money than brains, then their self-destructive behavior can send ripple and shock waves through markets leading to widespread suffering and even epidemics.

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