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 the covert ability to influence the market is absolutely necessary to the business of survival and is also the number one key to prosperity. thus the reason for this blog. because of the semi covert nature of the market, few people understand the implications of the most recent events. most especially the sharp and brief fall of the Dow Jones industrial average. it is not any market or equipment malfunction of any kind. it’s ideal. it’s a market based on value instead of credit. this is how the market should ideally be. this almost is purified capitalism at work. the truth can’t be ignored forever.

those who create economic distortions destroy themselves in the process and often many others also. for a few years, the market has been searching for it’s bottom value. that value has been found. the Dow stocks are worth merely pennies and the others are worthless. the truth can’t be suppressed forever. now the stage is set for a new bull market of proportions not seen in at least 50 years. the only contention is the president. the sorry excuse for a president that exists now is the only possible difficulty. He is always doing the worst things possible. He is always sabotaging the economy and faking good intentions. might he be impeached for treason? yes, We can do that. he can’t suppress the market progress forever. it’s the voter’s fault for electing him. even despite the war and deficits,we are very optimistic concerning the of this update, a new bull market has begun with a large drag co-efficient due to the jihad/war effort of islam against pacificist America. Interesting to note that the king is making heavy use of overt and covert mass market influences by spending moderate amounts of money on a large-scale media campaign in favor of his own unique brand of dictatorship. Might the king be envious of Liberty?

within two decades or much less, we will face a massave invasion from our southern border leading to a civil-war.

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